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If this all your original art.
I can see an evolution.
Of being progressive, better and improvement.
I will look at the rest of your portolio.
If it indeed your original art. Maybe a finantial agreement for original art work could be worked out?
Anime only.

Have made this offer to other "Anime Artist" and none has come true.
I will pay and a "patron" for an original girl painting of your interpration of at least 10 anime girl pictures that I would send you.
I own all copyright.
Await your reply.
Um... that is a favorites folder from other people's work. Sorry if you misunderstood that, but how would you even reach that conclusion based on the varying quality and styles, let alone the artists name?
Sorry; It is not my intention to take credit for other people's artwork.
I just didn't know. Honest mistake.
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